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Casa Risa

Casa Risa

Liberation of the body

Pedro, recently arrived from Mexico (@Elephantsoulby) will lead you through asana and meditation for this third and famous retreat, based on the fundamental principles of Vinyasa, Yin,Kundalini and tantra Yoga, helping and developing your physical strength, cultivating your inner light, connecting you to yourself and activating an amazing energy. He will connect you true your own body and releasing inner energy with no judgement on a free environment. A retreat that was designed to revitalise the physical body, refresh the subtle energies and develop awareness of the inner and outer landscapes, enabling you to enjoy your own experience of yourself through your breath, emotions and your body. On this retreat we will be working closely with your body energy, promoting a sense of inner strenght.

Each Men’s Yoga Retreat at Casa Risa House and Spa includes:


Arriving at after 2 pm, time to unpack and relax a bit
– 5.30 PM: Opening ceremony
– 6 PM: Yin Practice (releasing letting go)
– Free time to dinner

– 9AM: Kundalini Practice (Lightening internal energy)
-10.30AM: to 12-Breakfast
Enjoy your free time around the pool our Jacuzzi
– 6PM: Yin Practice (destress emotions)
– Free time to dinner

– 9AM: Vinyasa Flow (heart and hip opener)
– 10.30AM: to 12-Breakfast
– 6PM: Tantra Yoga ( art of touch, inner energy search)
– Free time to dinner

– 9AM: Kundalini Practice (fire in you)
– Individual mentoring before leaving

Booking: €430 per person on a shared room this is based on sharing a room with other friend/ student that comes to the retreat. *Private Studios (double rooms a for single occupancy, on a limited basis) for a €150 supplement .