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Bear tantra massage and workshop

With Andre Kraft (@tantra_bear) - a German tantric masseur from Berlin.

Tantratouch massages


“Love yourself, love your body. It is your temple, the crucible of all alchemy. Treat it well, and it will reveal to you the deepest mysteries. This is where Tantra begins.” (Indian master). During my stay I offer different workshops to the theme: "Tantra & conscious touch". You can participate in just 1 or all 3 workshops. All workshops are open to beginners and advanced. Each Workshop: 75€ (about 3 hours). All 3 workshops, incl the night session: 200€.

Tantra is about expanding and liberating – just let yourself go in a Tantric session and integrate your sexual life-force energy. First learn how to breath during the massage and I will show you a beautiful ritual to connect. I integrate relaxing deep tissue massages using Thai, Tuina & Swedish techniques and working on your physical and emotional nodes in my holistic treatments. Depending on your goal a prostrate and sacred zone massage can be part of the massage.

100 € / 1 hour

130 € / 1,5 hours

Wednesday 5/23 from 5 pm (about 3 hours incl. tea-break)

Conscious touch: Introduction to Tantra for men

In a playful, respectful and open minded space we will discover deeper connection

and exchange sensitive touch in a group of beautiful men.

Friday 5/25 from 5 pm (about 3 hours incl. tea-break)

Let’s play: a unique journey into pleasure to expand and liberate (part 1)

Saturday 5/26 from 5 pm (about 3 hours incl. tea-break).

Let’s play: a unique journey into pleasure to expand and liberate (part 2).

Enjoy a playful tantric time in a man-only atmosphere and connecting from heart to heart.

During this little journey we use different methods like Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

(Bodywork), Pranayamas (Breath work), Ritualism and massages.


Saturday 5/26 from 10 pm (about 1,5 hours night session)

Let’s play: a tantric temple night

The tantric temple night is a beautiful way to end a beautiful day in Casa Risa.

Bring sexy underwear for the session.